South Coast Mariculture (SCM) are developing marine leases in Jervis Bay Marine Park and Eden. Fully developed SCM will be one of the largest mussel farming companies in Australia.

SCM location, three hours’ drive south of Sydney, makes it possible for next day delivery, from harvest, of live mussels to Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne and export markets via Sydney and Canberra International Airports. Mussels grown in Jervis Bay and Eden are renowned for their large size and plump meat, feed by the joining of warm water from the East Australian Current and nutrient rich cooler water from the Bass Strait.

Our Team

Sam Gordon
Managing Director

App. Sc. – Aquaculture
Grad Dip Bus. Mgmt. (AGSM)
Churchill Fellow 1998

Sam has over 25 years’ experience working in the Australian seafood industry in collaboration with producers and markets. In 2005, Sam founded Blue Harvest (where he is now Executive Chairman) an Australian seafood sales and marketing agency specialising in aquaculture, with annual sales of >$55Mil.

Integrity and transparency are core values for Sam. The opportunity to develop marine leases in Jervis Bay Marine Park, growing one of the worlds most sustainable foods is a privilege. Earning and maintaining our social license to operate in the broader Jervis Bay community, is critical to our success, Sam’s role is to ensure that we demonstrate this through actions not words.

Jim Doyle

Jim Doyle established Doyles Oysters with leases in Batemans Bay in 2013. Jim picked up oyster farming quickly, with Doyles Oysters awarded Champion Sydney Rock Oyster and overall Aquaculture Product of Year at the 2017 Sydney Royal Fine Food Show and a Gold Medal in the Sydney Rock Oyster category in 2018.

Jim believes shellfish culture is the Rolls Royce of passive farming. He quickly identified farming the waters of Jervis Bay as a unique opportunity to demonstrate sustainable food production.

Hika Rountree
Operations Manager

Hika worked at a salmon farm at 15 years old before going fishing for scallops, oysters and tuna. In 1996 he started work at a mussel farm on the South Island, New Zealand. Thirty years’ experience and an enviable reputation for his professionalism Hika is relishing the challenge to establish a farm in Jervis Bay, Australia based on world’s best practice.

Hika is approachable, conscientious, always the gentleman and loves sharing his knowledge about marine farming, rugby league and recreational fishing.

Anni Conn
Jervis Bay
Shellfish Program
Quality Assurance and
Sustainability Manager

BSc. Applied Biological
Sciences (Hons)
MSc. Aquaculture & Fisheries

Anni has over 20 years commercial experience in the Australian Seafood Industry, working in large-scale seafood processing, seafood production, quality and compliance and business management.

With a passion for sustainability and quality, plus an eye for detail, Anni is inspired to ensure that South Coast Mariculture not only achieves, but exceeds global best practice environmental and product standards.