Mussel farms are mini marine sanctuaries with a positive influence on recreational fishing. Recreational Fishing Below are some general tip and hints when fishing amongst marine farms.

You are welcome to use marine farms sites for recreational fishing.


Attach your boat to the black floats.


Loop a rope through the float handle back to the boat so it is easy to let go when you need to (DO NOT TIE A KNOT ON THE FLOAT).


Use enough length of rope so the boat can drop back, say 10-15 metres from the line.


This has a few advantages:

  • Your fishing gear is less likely to foul the mussel ropes.
  • When you hook a fish, it will probably head straight for cover or the Mussel ropes, if it makes it to the ropes and the sharp mussel shells, a break-off is almost certain.
  • Your boat and prop are well clear of the backbones.

Please do not anchor anywhere near the lines. There is the risk of your anchor fouling on the backbones, warps or anchors and anyway, attaching to the floats is much easier.

Please do not tie up to the light buoys’, they are an important aid to safe navigation and are susceptible to damage.

Rubbish — We take pride in looking after the environment and hope that you will too. Please take any rubbish back to shore for appropriate disposal.