The South Coast Mariculture team are immensely proud to announce that South Coast Mariculture is now the first and only mussel farm in Australia to attain the globally recognised Best Aquaculture Practices (BAP) certification.

BAP certification means that South Coast Mariculture is demonstrating the highest international standards of environmental responsibility, social accountability, animal health and welfare and food safety. As a Jervis Bay Mussel customer, you can have full confidence that the mussels you buy from us are produced sustainably, safely and ethically which will make them taste even sweeter.

Click to view South Coast Mariculture BAP Certificate

Why is BAP important?

Aquatic farming practices can vary according to the species being farmed and the environment in which they are produced. It can be very difficult for a consumer to be sure whether or not they can fully trust that the seafood they are buying has been produced sustainably, safely, socially responsibly and ethically.

The Best Aquaculture Practices standards have been developed for aquaculture producers under the Global Seafood Alliance over the past 25 years; convening seafood industry leaders, academics and NGOs to collaborate on cross-cutting issues like environmental and social responsibility, animal health and welfare, and food safety.

BAP standards are endorsed by the Global Food Safety Initiative and the Global Sustainable Seafood Initiative. BAP standards are constantly reviewed and improved under this global network that advances responsible seafood practices and trust in seafood therefore, as an aquaculture producer, achieving a BAP standard demonstrates that our farming practices are truly world class.

Benefits for Jervis Bay Mussel retailers

As a Jervis Bay Mussel retailer you can now offer your customers a responsibly sourced Australian Blue Mussel and give them the trust that the local product they are buying has been produced to the highest global environmental, food safety, social and ethical standards. You can use the BAP responsibly sourced logo when displaying Jervis Bay Mussels.

Please contact the Blue Harvest sales team for a BAP logo file and logo use instructions at