The NSW Government recognises the need to develop sustainable and viable aquaculture. In November 2014, Fisheries NSW, a division of the NSW Department of Primary Industries (NSW DPI), obtained State Significant Infrastructure Approval SSI–5657 from the NSW Government Department of Planning and the Environment to establish three commercial extensive aquaculture leases totalling 50 Hectares within the marine embayment of Jervis Bay, NSW.

South Coast Mariculture was successful in securing the approval from NSW DPI to develop these leases, and in 2018 obtained lease based aquaculture permit AP2554 from NSW DPI to culture a number of marine bivalve and aquatic plant species on the leases.

South Coast Mariculture has worked in close consultation with NSW DPI, local, state and federal government agencies, community groups, private enterprise and numerous other stakeholders to ensure that the planning, development, infrastructure deployment, operations and environmental management of the aquaculture leases meet the conditions of the SSI–5657 and that the development has a net positive impact for the environment, the local community and the Jervis Bay region.